Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happiness is...

...most definitely not waking up to discover an empty bottle of vodka, a half empty bottle of rum, and that strange feeling that you're still not quite sober at noon*. Despite this *minor* set back in my Sunday, I managed to be quite productive when I sobered up at 3 pm. I found a $25 gift certificate for a clothing store in last weeks mail and hatched a plan to buy some new jeans and get myself into the gym for the first time in a month**.

As you can guess from the photo above I was successful on the jeans front. I also managed a full hour on the elliptical***.

* I need friends who don't encourage silly drinking games.
** I also need to stop making silly excuses for why I'm too tired or busy.
*** As a completely off topic question: Can someone explain how people manage to walk/run and read? It would be super useful, but every time I've tried I get motion sick.

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