Sunday, June 14, 2009

Be "That Guy"

On this part of the blogosphere there's been a lot of discussion about rape*, but similar conversations are also happening elsewhere. Pyth linked me to an LJ post On Rape and Men**, which calls decent guys out for not talking to other guys about being decent. You really ought to read the comments where women and some men talk about their experiences with/being That Guy. You know, the guy that doesn't take advantage of a drunk or vulnerable woman or the guy who prevents his frat buddies from raping a women. These are the types of stories men need to tell other men rather than ignoring or making excuses for your friends'/coworkers'/etc. dangerous atittudes toward rape.

But don't expect cookies or admiration from us because this isn't about being a great guy, it's about doing the decent thing.


*While we're at it go click through the blogs donating as part of the Silence is the Enemy

**There's an crossposted version here

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