Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tomorrow Is a New Start

Last week, I got to run through the immunocytochemistry protocol I'll be using from dissecting out the tissue to taking pretty fluorescent pictures and, as can be expected of most first attempts, I failed completely (OK, maybe not completely as I did get one cell that looked like it could be usable data, but pretty damn close). It's frustrating because I really wanted for things to go well so I could prove to that part of my brain that has no self-esteem that I'm not just wasting everyone's time and money with my incompetence.

So, that week didn't go as well as I'd hoped, but tomorrow I'm back in the lab and it's a new week. I have some idea over where I could have gone wrong so maybe my failures will be more minor.


Toaster Sunshine said...

If you need ICC help, email me. I've made many many many mistakes in ICC protocols and as such my experience may be useful to whatever troubles you're having. If you have to justify the source of advice, I'll depseud myself in emails for your credibility.

LostMarbles said...

Thanks for the offer of help. My problem is most likely doing the million washes needed a bit too hard and thus killing cells and ripping apart synapses I need to preserve. But I'll definitely bother you if I run into more technical problems.