Thursday, November 20, 2008

I survived?

I wasn’t planning on writing anything as I’ve been “awake” for over 36 hours, but I managed to catch a nap on the bus ride home (before the burly transit cop woke me up to check my ticket). My week has been pretty hellish, but it’s over and I managed to pull it off.

Monday started off with the first of my two presentations. I managed not to have a nervous breakdown and I was told my presentation was good, but I remember nothing between when I tripped going up and when the question period began so I can’t comment.

Tuesday was my second presentation. Unlike Monday’s presentation, I can actually remember this one. Not to say that it was that bad. As presentations go for me it was actually pretty good. I was too exhausted to actually be nervous and due to a fuck up with the projector remote I got to present from off to the side near the projector.

I also got asked a fucking stupid question. It wasn’t even the usual stupid question were the person hasn’t been listening to anything you said and wants you give your talk again in the minute or so you have to answer. No, it was the kind that made you question whether the person managed to pass first year biology. Grr!

As, to why I didn’t sleep... I had two lab reports to hand in today :(

But I’m done. I’m done. I’m done.

Now all that’s left to do is:

  1. Lit review for writing class: draft needs to be finished by Wednesday and it’s due December 1st
  2. Paper review for developmental biology: due December 2nd
  3. Anthropology paper: due December 2nd
  4. Study for anthropology test on December 2nd
  5. Microarray poster: draft due on December 1st, poster session on December 4th
  6. Study for my one exam
I can manage, right?

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