Monday, January 19, 2009


Dear self-centred asshole in an SUV,

I know you you equate pedestrians to a telephone pole. They're there and you'd rather not hit them, but otherwise who cares. That makes you self-centred. What makes you an asshole is your insistence on driving REALLY fast, REALLY close to the curb when there are pedestrians nearby (possibly waiting for a streetcar). I know you might not understand how this is possible, but this pedestrian is not a telephone pole and actually minds having to dodge the tsunami of slush you direct at her. She also mind the fact that even after dodging most of it, her nice pants were covered in disgusting brown water from the knee down.

Next time, please try to drive further away from the curb. But if you must have one wheel dragging in the puddle of muddy slush, please slow the fuck down.

Sincerely pissed,


Now that I've vented, here's an awesome two board scrabble game I played on Saturday.

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